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  • Brand-new shots from our Ascot gigs

    Check out the photos from our Christmas residency at Ascot Racecourse...... VIEW ALBUM

  • Who are The Lightyears?

    Curious about the men behind the music? Doing a school project? Working for MI5? Find out more here..... MEET THE BAND

  • The Lightyears' international tour galleries

    The band invite you to sift through their tour photo albums. Expect elephants, temples and jacuzzis..... VIEW PHOTOS

  • Delve into The Lightyears' musical archive

    Google have spent years uploading every book ever written onto the internet. But that's nothing compared to the LYs' pop 'n' roll archive..... BROWSE ALBUMS

  • Find out more about The Lightyears' novel

    LYs pianist Chris got bored with practising scales and wrote a novel about the band. Find out more at MockstarsTheNovel.com ..... VISIT SITE

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25 June 2014 - Mockstars: out now! Our Lightyears novel Mockstars is n ... +++ 11 June 2014 - Watch the Mockstars book trailer Today we released the book trailer ... +++ 21 May 2014 - Revealed: cover image for “Mockstars” Check it out, people: the brand-new ... +++ 25 April 2014 - LYs to headline Goring & Streatley Festival We’ve been booked to headline ... +++ 17 April 2014 - LYs novel to be published this summer We’re very excited to announc ... +++ 14 April 2014 - Lightyears to headline Twyfest 2014 On Saturday 31 May we’ll be h ... +++ 17 January 2014 - Lightyears appear on video soundtrack The Lightyears have been used to so ... +++ 26 November 2013 - Jam with the LYs on Whole World Band The Lightyears have been selected t ... +++ 19 November 2013 - LYs music video breaks 100,000 views Our piano-based acoustic cover of D ... +++ 2 November 2013 - Chris Lightyear signs to top literary agent For the last few years, LYs pianist ... +++ webdesign

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