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The Lightyears are a band with stories to tell.

We’ve breakfasted with elephants in Thailand, partied with the Ambassador in South Korea and hallucinated onstage at Glastonbury; we’ve played to audiences of ten people in tiny clubs and crowds of thousands in sports stadiums; we’ve watched the sun rise over Galway Bay, sung Beatles songs at the Cavern Club and talked late into the night with strangers on the banks of the Delaware River. We’ve climbed mountains in Cape Town, won and lost music awards; lived the jet-set lifestyle one day and found ourselves penniless the next; we’ve travelled in the ignominy of stinking Transit vans and the luxury of business class; we’ve necked gin and tonics in roof-top jacuzzis under a red Asian dawn; we’ve made money for nothing, money for singing, money for making people dance. We’ve sold out, sold short, told tales and made merry.

We have triumphed and failed and argued and revelled, and played our music all over the world.

But no matter how high we fly or how far we fall, nothing will change the fact that we once accidentally headlined a crèche in Peterborough.

…And the toddlers of the Caverstede Early Years Nursery thought we were distinctly average.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Lightyears pianist Chris has recently turned some of the band’s stories into a novel called ‘Mockstars’, which is due for release on 25 June 2014 via Red Button Publishing. Find out more at


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