Bugger off COVID, we're ready to party

What we do

The Lightyears play a limited number of corporate events, parties, festivals and weddings each year.

Why we do it

It’s in our souls. When we’re not writing and recording, we love to get out in front of enthusiastic audiences and share our brand of joyous, rampant, musical fun. We have more than fifteen years’ experience performing across the UK and around the world for clients who care as much about their events as we do.

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Who we are

The Lightyears formed at school and since then we’ve barely changed a band member. We grew up playing and writing songs together, forging the kind of bond and chemistry that cannot be faked or fast-tracked.

Now, whether we’re roaring through some of the best songs ever written at a corporate event, playing our own music to an intimate audience in Philadelphia or belting out singalong anthems to a raucous festival crowd in Cape Town, we live for the smiles across the stage and the breathless, energetic, face-melting fun of live performance.


For more information, or to make a booking, please contact: